MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen

Goals to be achieved

The main goal of MARUM within TRIPLE-nanoAUV is to ensure proper coordination of the individual contributions from the involved institutes to allow for a seamless integration of the to be developed subsystems into a field-tested exploration system.

Tasks within the project

  • Interaction with the funding agency and the TRIPLE Advisory Board
  • Organization of meetings and workshops
  • Overseeing the overall progress of the TRIPLE-nanoAUV project
  • Facilitating the use of a Systems-Engineering Approach
  • Development of the mechanical hardware for the nanoAUV, in particular the vehicle hull, the control and actuator systems, and the propulsion
  • Contributing to the design of a reliable acoustic localization and communication system for the underwater robot

Preliminary work

Based on the experience collected in precursor projects, different hull forms and propulsion concepts will be explored. A trade-off between efficiency, longevity and the fitness for the intended purpose within its size and weight constraints has to be made. As an example, for the design approach from the ROBEX project an underwater glider based on a blended wing design is shown in figure 1. The wings ensure an economic use of the available energy.

The ROBEX Glider during its field tests from board RV Polarstern in 2017
The ROBEX Glider during its field tests from board RV Polarstern in 2017

Implementation steps

Starting out with a concurrent engineering design study the TRIPLE-nanoAUV 1 project entered its concept design and evaluation stage.
In regard to the hardware development the following tasks are in the foreground:

  • Conceptual design of the underwater robot hull (see figure 2)
  • Hydrodynamic description of the hull form
  • Design of a jet propulsion system and evaluation of the performance against a classic propeller thruster system
  • Designing and evaluating miniaturized underwater acoustic localization and communication systems
Conceptual design of the underwater robot hull
Conceptual design of the underwater robot hull

Points of Contact

Christoph Waldmann (PI), ed.muram@nnamdlaw
Sebastian Meckel (Chief Engineer), ed.muram@lekcems
Axel Pirek (IT Expert), ed.muram@keripa