DSI Aerospace Technologie GmbH

DSI Aerospace Technologie GmbH is an SME based in Bremen with a focus on electronics for the aerospace industry. The fields of activity are design and development of solutions for special computers, information technologies and communication systems. DSI has already established itself as a reliable supplier of aerospace equipment. Our customers are e.g. Airbus DS, OHB, DLR, ESA. In addition to national and international space missions, DSI was and is also involved in large ESA missions with deep space relevance, e.g. ExoMars, MASCOT Lander and JUICE.

Goals to be achieved

The technical goals of DSI within the TRIPLE project are mainly focused on the avionic components of the nano AUV. With DSI’s heritage and expertise in the design of space electronics, conceptual design approaches are derived in the scope of challenging requirements, e.g. the high radiation near Jupiter and in particular on Europa.

Tasks within the project

  • Conception of the AUV housekeeping
    • Selection of sensor components under the constraint of miniaturization (high integration) to support the housekeeping function
    • Identification of critical housekeeping functions
  • Conceptual design of data and energy transfer between AUV, Docking Station and Melting Probe
    • Design of the communication infrastructure of the AUV system components
    • Specification of the interfaces between the individual AUV system components
    • Identify critical paths within the communication infrastructure and design to ensure quality-of-service (QoS), including reliability, real-time capability, latency, data rates, etc.
  • Conceptual design of the OBC for the AUV
    • Hardware and software concept for the command and data handling (CDH) of the subcomponents
    • Hardware and software concept for the integration of scientific payloads
    • Identification of critical components and detection of technology gaps against the background of high computing power and the targeted miniaturization
  • Concept for miniaturization of the nanoAUV avionic
    • Identification and selection of a suitable virtualization software for the existing hardware components and software systems
    • Conception and selection of innovative approaches of approximate computing for integration into existing hardware IP cores

Preliminary work and heritage

DSI has been developing space-based designs since 1997. Our hardware has gathered flight heritage for more than 45 failure-free years in orbit. The skills and experience of the DSI team cover the full spectrum of engineering and product assurance knowledge required to successfully develop, manufacture, verify and deliver hardware, firmware and accompanying software for air- and space-borne applications, as well as their ground-based support equipment. Our heritage is based on several successful projects like KOMPSAT II, SAR-Lupe, SatcomBW, TET, PROBA V, EuroHawk, GökTürk, EnMAP, Galileo, ExoMars, SARah, EDRS, MetOp-SG, JUICE, Biomass , FLEX, KOMPSAT-7, PLATO & EOIRSat.

Recent projects at DSI related to TRIPLE

Implementation steps

The implementation steps and integration into the TRIPLE nano-AUV project is illustrated in the following sketch:

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